RunwayML Integration & Best Approach for Creative Coding?

Hi :wave:

Cailean here! I’ve recently stumbled upon OPENRNDR after deciding what tool I should put my time into learning. I’ve strong programming skills, and I’m picking up Kotlin and RNDR quite handily. However, I’d like to understand more of the creative code approach and mindset.
Would you recommend any resources to start learning this approach?

Secondly, I saw on you IG page that you hosted a workshop at KABK for OPENRNDR x RunwayML. I was wondering how is this possible? and is it the same as p5.js?
I want to experiment with a similar model used in the IG video. I believe this has something to do w/ object segmentation and a GAN or Autoencoder - something like SPADE COCO or GauGAN.

Any help would be appreciated :raised_hands:

I really want to learn this software and be proficient at it! Some of the projects you have completed and are shown on the vimeo channel are insane!

Hi Cailean!

Nice to hear you appreciate the tool and the language so much. Regarding the creative code “approach and mindset” that is something that I suppose is best built over time like with any other art/craft form.

There are some starting points if you want to start fiddling around (popular one is the Computational Manual which also features a few examples using OPENRNDR), but I personally think it is more fun to find your own distinct way by setting up small intentional goals, to avoid falling into the stereotypical.

Regarding the ML implementations with OR, there is definitely a RunwayML implementation but I found that to be quite slow and cumbersome. The cutting-edge is now in ORML which has great tools to start experimenting easily. There is also an orx-tensorflow implementation which I suppose makes it easier to build your own TF-based tools but I have never used that.

Nice to have you aboard :slight_smile: have fun

Hello and welcome to the forum!

I find that a very interesting question :slight_smile: I guess it is different for each person. For me it involves play, exploration, following ideas, patterns, behaviors or shapes that I find interesting.

Things that come to mind (that can be followed or ignored):

  • decide to create something daily for a certain amount of days (like 20 or 30 days in a row).
  • join a local creative coding meetup if there is one
  • take the journey with a friend or with someone online. It can be more fun to have someone to talk to than doing everything on your own.
  • sharing your process online. It can help others or start conversations.
  • don’t be concerned about not being good enough. Many people feel their experiments are too simple or boring to show them to anyone.
  • sometimes thinking: what could I do that doesn’t make any sense?