Help with starting out with OPENRNDR

Hello fellow artists!

Are there any guides, tutorials I should start with in order to learn visual programming with OPENRNDR? I’ve read the docs and played around for a week with my own programs but I feel like there’s a lot of topics that I can’t seem to grasp in the OPENRNDR guide. Especially troubling is the Advanced section, where I’m having trouble with understanding the topic on Custom rendering.

So to reiterate: Where should I begin learning? Is there a repo of projects I could learn from. Keep in mind I’m a full stack developer and I did a bit of ML so I’m not new to programming.

Thank you in advance. I look forward to reading your suggestions.



Hi @Nigel ! Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I think a good place to start is in as you already did.
You are right that the more advanced topics are not covered so much in depth. Topics like compute shaders for example just include something like a hello world.

Personally, I would approach it with something in mind that you want to build (instead of trying to know everything) but I guess different people like to learn in different ways :slight_smile: If you get stuck you can ask here or in Slack. I’ve been using it for over two years and there are still many areas I haven’t tried, because there are so many possibilities, specially if you experiment with the orx extensions.

I’m not sure it’s useful, but here are some of my experiments GitHub - hamoid/openrndr-template: A feature rich template for creating OPENRNDR programs based on Gradle/Kts . It’s probably disorganized, not every program necessarily works or is interesting.

Knowing about OPENGL can be useful. I learned following this guide (in C++):

I also found it useful to follow an online course in Kotlin, as the basics are simple but it took me some time to change my style from Java to Kotlin. This is not an issue if you already develop Android apps I guess.

If you have questions or suggestions while reading the guide feel free to share them and we can try to improve it :slight_smile:

Have fun!

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Hey @abe! Thank you for the quick response.

I think you’re right about the project based learning and it shall be the approach I’ll be using going forward. I guess I was mostly just frustrated with the OPENRNDR Guide and the fact that I couldn’t grasp every single concept (which is something I like to do when learning something new). As far as Kotlin, being the language used is not a problem as it is the language I use for backend development (Ktor)

With your permission I’ll check your repository and try to understand how it works before moving on and trying to code what I envisioned for my own project. Thank you for sharing the link I highly appreciate it. I’ll also be checking the opengl guide.

Thank you again and good luck!


I just saw this posted in hackernews and thought it’s a good introduction to what’s under the hood:

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