In Conversations - live coding and chatting about OPENRNDR [📺 video]

Hi hi :slight_smile:

Last Sunday @Alessandro and I (@abe) got together for the first time to record a few videos. We plan to continue in following weekends and see where this goes. I’ll update this post when there are new ones.

Kotlin Collections


We used PeerTube for the first time. I really like the interface. It is smooth and clean, easier than Vimeo. By chosing PeerTube we avoid advertising, tracking and high costs. The only challenge was to find the right instance. I found one dedicated to education and thought it was a good match.

I hope someone finds it useful. Feel free to leave topic requests below :slight_smile:


I’ve watched the first two and I think they are really well done. The platform seems great with the caveat it will only attract viewers in the know as opposed to YouTube where there is a greater chance of bringing people into the OPENRNDR community - if that’s an objective.


Thank you! I’m a bit concerned because I’ve never done this casual style chatting with someone :slight_smile: In the past I have edited the videos a lot micro cutting any mistakes. This was much more fun to produce.

I understand the YT factor. Maybe we could make an advertising video for youtube, pointing at this collection :slight_smile:

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It’s the chatty style that I really liked :+1:


These were very fun to make, and are more or less the same type of conversations @abe and I have had for a while now, so we thought to record them in case other people would find that useful :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m happy they feel chatty, hopefully it transpires that we were enjoying the conversation, and that we were also discovering new things ourselves during it!


Nice one @abe and @Alessandro, thank you for making these!

In the last one, Abe showed the OPENRNDR plugin to show colors in the editor side bar. Where can we get the plugin, please?

It would be good to put some info about it in the video description.

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You’re welcome! :slight_smile: You can find the plugin at

Thank you for the idea, I added a link to the video description.

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Second round just came out of the oven! :hotsprings:

Working with images


80 more minutes talking about colorBuffer, renderTarget, composite and more.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


I’m happy to announce 8 new videos are ready for you.

Lines, curves and shapes

video thumbnails
This was our longest session so far, almost two and a half hours. Longer than a marathon :slight_smile:

I hope you enjoy them!


At some point these should be added to the OPENRNDR website. Perhaps as a fourth section in the getting started section or a link in the documentation drop down or both.


These were very fun to make! Hope they are useful and that they also make people smile from time to time. :slight_smile:


I’m really looking forward to seeing more from you two!

btw: have you figured out why you got the (unexpected) results in the Curves 07 video? I’ve watched you build it and knew what the outcome would be, but you seemed a bit puzzled :smiley:

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I don’t remember if we went back to that, actually, we have recorded so many videos already! :sweat_smile: Nevertheless, I am most of the time puzzled by almost everything, it is my favorite state of being. :slight_smile:

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Shaders, shadeStyle, GLSL …

Almost two hours of new content :slight_smile:


I just rewrote that code from scratch and it worked on first try. I need to see what’s the difference with what we did in the video. This is the working version:

import org.openrndr.application
import org.openrndr.color.ColorRGBa
import org.openrndr.math.Vector2
import org.openrndr.math.transforms.transform
import org.openrndr.shape.Circle
import org.openrndr.shape.Rectangle
import org.openrndr.shape.Shape
import org.openrndr.shape.compound

fun main() = application {
    program {
        val donut = Shape(
                Circle(, 100.0).contour,
                Circle(, 50.0).contour.reversed
        extend {

            val mat = transform {
                rotate(seconds * 30)
            val rect = Rectangle.fromCenter(Vector2.ZERO, 200.0, 20.0).shape

            val comp = compound {
                difference {

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100 minutes of new content, this time talking about the differences between the Processing and OPENRNDR creative coding environments.

Processing & OPENRNDR


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Now also in YouTube:

Some videos are still not there. Uploading them as frequently as their limits allow.

You can use Tubedu for more privacy and no ads (and even follow to be notified of new videos in Mastodon). We are adding this second alternative for discoverability.