Render real-time data with openrndr?

Hi there,

is it possible to visualize real-time data with openrndr.

E.g I have a log-data source and I would want to visualize the warn level with a simple color traffic light.

Or, assuming we have tracking data of people in a room (updated once every few seconds) and I want to visualize them as moving points (with some translation from last to the current position).

Would such applications be possible? If so, are there any examples that go into that direction?

Thanks in advance & Kind regards,

Hi Holger! Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I think real-time visuals is one of the strengths of OPENRNDR. The core provides rendering graphics in 2D and 3D and with Kotlin you can read a parse text files, json, xml, etc. The orx addons provide many other ways to bring real time data into your programs (MIDI, OSC, kinect, webcam, rabbit-control, realsense) and if that’s not enough you can use any Java libraries, for example for websockets or the serial port.

In the orx repo there are readme’s and examples in some folders.

I guess the question is: in what form will your real time data arrive?