MIDI-controlled Visuals and Audio

Hi all,
the following is a live improvisation using OpenRNDR for visuals and VST plugins (Native Instruments Reaktor) for audio. All parameters are modified live using an external MIDI controller.
I spent a lot of time trying to find the best match between parameters of the visuals and audio, so that they make sense for the performer and for the viewers as well.

Quantum Microscope

Source code is available on GitHub, check the links in the video description!


Congratulations for putting together the program and the video! :slight_smile: and thank you for sharing it here!

The code looks very clean. Did you match your synth’s colors to the visuals on purpose? The video thumbnail and the lines have the same color palette :slight_smile:

Looking forward for more. Welcome to the forum!

Thank you Abe!

I did not match the colors of the midi controller on purpose, it’s just a happy coincidence. BTW the pads on the top row are used to select a different palette (e.g. at 1:08 or 1:50)
I’m still learning Kotlin (coming from a Java background) and OpenRNDR is… a great excuse to have fun while studying eh eh :smiley: