OPENRNDR 0.3.43 + ORX 0.3.52 released!

Today we released major updates to OPENRNDR and ORX!

Read what has been added, fixed and changed in the release notes

OPENRNDR 0.3.43 release notes
ORX 0.3.52 release notes

Some personal highlights

  • Addition of a 3D renderer with support for loading GLTF assets: orx-dnk3
  • Addition of conversions and adapters to interface with BoofCV: orx-boofcv
  • Addition of watchListDiv and watchPropertyDiv to easily make model based user interfaces: orx-panel demo

The previous release also brought many improvements:

OPENRNDR 0.3.41 & 0.3.42 combined release notes
ORX 0.3.51 release notes

We will use this topic to post release highlights as we go, so keep an eye on it :slight_smile:


Example using BoofCV. To create this image I use two render targets, I clear them black and draw white shapes on each. Then I apply blur, and finally use BoofCV to extract the contour of the blurry shapes. I extract one contour from each render target and draw them with different fill colors.

I created it as part of an exercise in which 3 people drew images with pen and paper, passing the image to the next person who would describe it, then passing the description to the next one who would code it. You can see the images in this poster.

Here two more examples using BoofCV:

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Using the VideoPlayerFFMPEG.fromScreen() feature.

Capturing the screen in real time and using it as as texture for a spinning cube.

A fun use may be to play videos in an online video platform and use them as textures, source of colors or random numbers for your programs.

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