OPENRNDR streamers

Hi! I’m making a list of Kotlin streamers and would be happy to add OPENRDR streamer as well. Can you suggest somebody?


I’ve been thinking of trying that, inspired by a friend doing p5.js streaming… I’ll announce it when I have a date :slight_smile:

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Please DO! :blue_heart:

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What time zone works for you?

European time is fine but I can watch streams (not in records) only closer to the night. :slight_smile:

It would be nice to get notification in advance - I’ll try to find time and come. :smiley:

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It might be very cool to try with Code With Me: The Ultimate Collaborative Development Service by JetBrains :slight_smile:

Instead of broadcasting my screen it would sync the IDE with the participants, and I guess it would run the programs remotely too. Making sure it works for everyone may be tricky. An alternative streaming version would be good. And also maybe having one day to test the setup, and the actual streaming on a different day or time.