Improving the guide

Hi! I am making changes to the guide based on this table of contents.

I wrote a first draft about Gradle:

If you want to get involved, you are very welcome! It can be by proof reading, giving feedback or ideas, requesting or writing sections, clicking the heart button…



I’m doing some proof reading!

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So a first version of the page about Gradle is public:

If you are still learning and wondering what Gradle is, does that page help answer that question? Do you have more questions we could try to answer?

If you already know Gradle, did I write something totally incorrect? :slight_smile:

To me the text doesn’t flow that smoothly, it feels a bit robotic :robot: (my girlfriend sometimes suspects I am one). Maybe that’s why I write code instead of novels? XD So… any poets out there? :slight_smile:

Reads well to me.

However, if you are looking for something more poetic here’s a ChatGPT take. Apologies :frowning_face:

Build tools may seem quite mundane,
But they’re essential in many a lane.
For OPENRNDR to shine and bloom,
Gradle is needed to clear the gloom.

Managing dependencies with ease,
Compiling code, if you please,
Automating tests and deployment too,
Gradle does it all, through and through.

With plugins aplenty and multi-platform support,
Building with OPENRNDR is no longer a sport.
Gradle’s power and flexibility,
Bring graphics applications to life with agility.

So let Gradle be your guiding light,
As you create art with all your might.
For in the world of graphics and code,
Gradle is the path to bliss, and your abode.

Hahaha quite good :rofl: I like it!

I read through the Kotlin+Gradle section as well.

I’d say that Kotlin is sufficient with documentation and references. Maybe some hint on “You’ll learn the language while using it”.
The intention would be to deter people from reading lots of docs, burning themselfs out - before jump starting the openrndr-template and just get going.

I think the level of documentation on Gradle itself is fine, but would like some guidance on the build.gradle.kts setup.
As in: “You can use applicationMainClass to set your main function to be executed when building a jar file.” and “You can uncomment the individual orxFeautures lines and execute Gradle Sync to use the respective orx-features”

As an app developer, I still only get 80% of what is going on there ¯\ _ (ツ)_/¯

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Thank you for the feedback!

I started writing that section on Kotlin but currently I’m thinking of restarting. I think I can maybe point to

instead of reinventing the wheel which would be a lot of work.


  • Only suggest for quick experiments but otherwise assume we are in the IDE already with OPENRNDR.
  • Concepts are introduced not just in the (language) vacuum, but in regards to OPENRNDR and visual output. For example
    • val vs var if you want to animate an object’s position.
    • val and var vs List and mutableList.
    • What’s the deal with all those { } blocks. What are they? How to create your own?
    • How to augment any type with extension functions.
    • How to use the IDE to explore and understand the framework.
    • Where are the different Kotlin instructions typically used with OPENRNDR.

I think I can resume working on these in June 10th.

Today I added vertexTransform to the guide, which was still missing. It is part of this simple example of deforming a mesh.


I also added all the v_ variables which I needed in my current project.

Pending in that page are fragmentPreamble and vertexPreamble, which allow us to declare functions or varyings.

I am a total beginner, didn’t even know what a build tool was and that was perfectly clear to me! I can’t speak for people with more knowledge but to a complete beginner it’s good!

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Hi! I’ve spent a few days updating the section about Segment, ShapeContour and Shape in the guide. I remember being a bit confused at the beginning about the relationship between them. I hope it’s a bit better now. It is long, and I didn’t even cover everything you can do. One could almost write a book about those 3 classes :slight_smile:

The reorganizing of the guide according to the wiki is still ongoing.

Any feedback is welcome.

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