OPENRNDR online meetup 2021

Dear friends,

Today Sunday December 19th at 19:00 CET we will have an online call to talk about our favorite creative coding framework! :slight_smile:

Anyone curious about OPENRNDR is welcome. There’s no specific agenda. We will probably show some of our creations and take a look at what changed during 2021. A friendly and cozy chat to get to know the people behind these nicknames and emojis :grin:

If you haven’t tried OPENRNDR yet you and your questions are very welcome!

Join the call here :point_down:

See you soon!

Artworks by 1. @StephenJue, Kazik, Edwin, Derpivore, 2. Axel, @Telioc, aBe, Yvee1, 3. @Marcoshier and Ricardo

:arrow_right: If you would like to participate but you can’t make it or if you are shy and don’t enjoy presenting your creations in front of an audience feel free to share below any image, video, questions or ideas and we will view them during tomorrow’s stream.