Hola from Argentina

Hello everyone,

I’m excited to join the OPENRNDR forum and become a part of this community. My name is Gonzalo, and I have a diverse background that merges software development, cinema studies, and ongoing graphic design pursuits.

Professionally, I’ve accumulated several years of experience in enterprise software development. However, I find myself increasingly drawn to the intersection of technology and aesthetics.

While I have familiarity with various tools like Ableton and the Adobe Suite, my recent explorations have led me to learn TouchDesigner and also creative coding.

Having watched interviews from the team, it was nice to hear others sharing a desire to code in powerful IDEs like IntelliJ. I’m still learning about this creative coding world but my tendency is to be able to refactor the code as needed and also follow TDD in the best scenario, and so this IDE is great for those practices. However, I don’t know if that applies to these types of projects. Anyway.

I’m happy to connect with fellow creative minds, exchange ideas, and potentially collaborate on exciting projects.

While I’m also exploring internship opportunities to expand my horizons in this field, my primary goal here is to engage, learn, and contribute to the community.

Best regards,



Hi Gonzalo! Good to have you here! :slight_smile:

I visited your website and enjoyed your video in vimeo :+1:.

Your message makes me think I should create a channel for Spanish speaking people (maybe not for you if you are comfortable with English, but for whoever needs it).

Looking forward to reading you around here.
And also in your poems :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community!


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Hey, thanks for reaching out! Really appreciate it.

I’ve been checking out your work as well, it’s pretty impressive. “Ratkaisu” caught my eye, and “A Life Cycle”. Can’t even imagine the effort you put into it and the render times haha.

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