OPENRNDR 0.4.1 + ORX 0.4.1 released!

A whole lot of improvements, new features and bugfixes :tada:

release notes: Release OPENRNDR 0.4.1 路 openrndr/openrndr 路 GitHub

ORX 0.4.1
release notes: Release v0.4.1 路 openrndr/orx 路 GitHub

One of the imprevements: orx-image-fit has two new modes taken from CSS.

The demo shows the 4 modes: Cover, Contain, Fill and None, for both portrait and landscape images. The 3x3 grids show the effect of the image alignment for top, center, bottom and left, center, right.

Another improvement in version 0.4.1 makes it easy to specify the desired video format when recording video.

Available ones are:

  • gif
  • pngSequence
  • tiffSequence
  • webp
  • prores
  • h265
  • (plus the default h264)

Code examples at orx-video-profiles.