High quality video output?

Hi, is there a way to render video uncompressed? It seems like both the Normal and Lossless writer modes on MP4Profile produce undesired color banding when encoded.

Update: I figured out how to output a PNG sequence using the Screenshots extension so I can run ffmpeg with my desired settings.

Is there an easy way to output a frame sequence named by frame number? E.g. in Processing it would be:


The problem with the MP4Profile is that it uses Yuv420p colorspace, which is widely used and available but is not so great with color. It looks like I never got around adding the prores profiles I experimented with. Prores makes large but high quality video files. I will add them shortly.

You currently can’t set the filename in the screenshots extension. I will have a look at that too.


Thank you for the info and for taking a look!

When you upgrade (in build.gradle.kts) to OPENRNDR 0.3.44-rc.1 and ORX 0.3.53-rc.1 and add "orx-video-profiles" to the list of extensions you can use the ProresProfile.



Awesome, thanks! I’ll try it out.

@jzlabs You can try do something like this val fileName = "screenshot_%04d.png".format(frameCount) for P5 saveFrame(“screenshots/screenshot_####.png”);

Maybe not the question for this thread, but is it possible to control frame rate of the program? If for example I want to save 24 ColorBuffers or screenshots per second?

I’ve created -> Running a Program at a specific frame rate which has a working of example of setting a custom frame rate.

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