Arduino / Firmata

I was curious about how you control Arduino (running Firmata) from OPENRNDR. I searched and all I found was that itwas supported and references to OPENRNDR being successfully used with Arduino. I didn’t find any concrete information how you do it in OPENRNDR.

My guess would be that one would use firmata4j java library, but I was curious if my assumption was correct.

Hi @torb :slight_smile:

It looks like by adding

    implementation("com.github.kurbatov", "firmata4j", "2.3.8")


and reloading Gradle the library should be available in your project.

Do you know how to convert the Java code to Kotlin?

What are you going to build? :slight_smile:

Hah, I googled but forgot to check the build file!

I’m not building anything in particular, but I was curious of how working in Arduino (in particular: working with Arduino (and Seeed Grove System) would be compared to Phidgets in a OPENRNDR context.

But I’ll surely post about it in this forum if I ever do something concrete.

Thanks for answering!