OPENRNDR guide for offline reading

I’d like to learn OPENRNDR while on the train without internet.
Is there a way to download the guide for offline reading?

I know there are the examples, but they don’t have any supporting text in them.

I remember there used to be a Chrome extension which might have worked offline, but I can’t find that anymore. I could also save every page one by one but that would be pretty tedious.

I realized the sources for the guide can be cloned from its repo:

It’s not as good as having the readable version offline, but markdown is not too bad either.

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I wrote this bash script to create a PDF version of the guide:

I’ll ask where the PDF file can be hosted and share the link.

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Here my first attempt at creating an offline version of the

OPENRNDR guide PDF 2022-06-16

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I updated the bash script above and generated a new PDF

OPENRNDR guide PDF 2024-01-24

Not book publishing quality but at least something you can read on the train :slight_smile:

Note to myself or to anyone who wants to make the PDF look better: to improve the design we can:

  • define a @media print block at the bottom of custom.scss with any CSS customizations we want while printing / creating the PDF.
  • generate the guide with the new CSS and push it to GitHub.
  • call wkhtmltopdf --print-media-type in the bash script above to make sure the print block is used while generating the PDF.
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