OPENRNDR and JavaFX/TornadoFX

I’ve just started using OPENRNDR and I’m enjoying it, but I have a large body of kotlin code with a UI written in TornadoFX (a kotlin JavaFX wrapper).
Does anyone know if it’s possible to launch an OPENRNDR app window from inside a JavaFX UI or vice versa?

That’s a good question. I have never tried this myself but there is GitHub - eclipse-efx/efxclipse-drift and also LWJGL provided bindings for it.

Would be good to provide a way to integrate OPENRNDR with existing ui tooling. To increase adaptation :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link, I’ll spend some time on it and see if make any progress…

A use case I might find interesting at some point for OPENRNDR is to embed a OPENRNDR program inside a Jetpack Compose for Desktop component. To make this happened what is required is to provide an OpenGL space and LWJGL bindings for OPENRNDR to use?

I think what is needed is an OpenGL context (note that Skia can also use Vulkan and Metal contexts). OPENRNDR should have an additional ApplicationJetpack that can use an existing OpenGL context and will handle keyboard and mouse events through Jetpack/Skia.

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