I need a LERP or a MIX for Color

I see a ‘mix’ function referenced in the org.openrndr.color package documentation, but that function doesn’t appear in the color package in my Project…

In my build.gradle.kts I see a version referenced as 0.10.3. The docs page indicates version: 0.1.0-dev.1+c35ad28

Should I be upgrading? Downgrading? Has the function moved to another package?

Thanks for any bread crumbs on this little confusion!

Hi there! Happy 2023 and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I just cloned the openrndr-template repo and

drawer.clear(ColorRGBa.RED.mix(ColorRGBa.BLUE, 0.5))

works fine. Doesn’t it for you? What versions are you using?

Actually, the .mix method is declared in ColorInterfaces.kt and implemented by all color spaces: openrndr/openrndr-color/src/commonMain/kotlin/org/openrndr/color at master · openrndr/openrndr · GitHub

Update: you can also call the mix method directly, as in mix(ColorRGBa.PINK, ColorRGBa.GREEN, 0.5). If mix is highlighted as an error it probably needs to be imported, which the IDE can do for you.

Are you using the openrndr-template repo as the base of your project?

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I’m looking into why the api docs shows 0.1.0-dev.1+c35ad28 at the top of the page. They were actually generated 3 days ago. It happens automatically when code is pushed into the openrndr repo.

Resolved my issue … I was calling the function incorrectly. Thanks!

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