How do I change the cursor image (or stop cursor jumping back to centre)?

Is there a way to change the cursor (mouse) image programmatically? For example, change it to a crosshair or a hand.

Alternatively I could hide the system cursor and draw my own, but I can’t find a way to properly restore the cursor once it leaves the window. When I set the visibility back to true, the cursor jumps to the centre of the window.

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I don’t know the answer, but I find it hard to see what’s going on from that gif (very low fps?).

Could you share a minimal program to see the issue locally?

Nice! @edwin today added a .cursorType property to Application. You can see the changes here:

You can access the new feature if you’re building your local copy of OPENRNDR, or when the next release arrives :slight_smile:

Cool! Thanks @abe and @edwin!

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