Computational Graphic Design Manual ๐Ÿ•ฎ

Computational Graphic Design Manual

A beautiful black and white website created by Mark Webster featuring 27 interactive design programs written in Processing, p5.js and OPENRNDR (some are still being ported). These are examples dealing with point and line:

And here we have some dealing with text and with motion:

The whole project is hosted in bitbucket and itโ€™s Free and open source, so you can study the programs, the website itself and even send pull requests if you want to contribute.

Here the link once more


Shout out to @ferdinandsorg for providing the OPENRNDR implementation!

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Thank you Abe for communicating this. Contributions &/or variations are most welcome.
@edwin Thank you also for adding @ferdinandsorg who wrote the OPENRNDR programs.