BackIn Easing function


I noticed that there is a BackIn easing function in the source that is not made available in the easings-package. Is there a reason why it is omitted? How would I go about making it available to my program?


I can’t answer your question directly but ORX has an easing package that will likely work for you.


Thanks for the tip! Those look perfect.
However I have no idea how to use them with an animatable object…
Any pointers?

Your question has been repeated on Slack by @abe so you may get an answer there. If you are not tied to Animatable then you could animate old school.

import org.openrndr.application
import org.openrndr.color.ColorRGBa
import org.openrndr.extra.easing.*

fun main() {
    application {
        configure {
            width = 800
            height = 500
        program {
            var x = 0.0
            var y = 0.0

            extend {
                x = frameCount * 2.0 % width
                y = easeBackIn(x, 50.0, height - 100.0, width.toDouble())
                drawer.fill = ColorRGBa.PINK
                drawer.stroke = null
      , y, 20.0)
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Sometimes I’m the human bridge between Discourse and Slack XD

Eventually, the plan is to merge both Easing classes (the one in openrndr and the one in orx) but it hasn’t happened yet.

I’ll post again when I have more details.

Fun fact: I just realized today it’s my 4th anniversary in this forum :tada: :cake:

Thanks for the help guys! I think for now bluehut’s solution will work just fine. Merging both Easing classes sounds very good!