Why PushMatrix and PopMatrix is not implemented?

I want to translate code from Processing to OPENRNDR but pushMatrix and popMatrix code block is how can I translate OPENNRDR. You did a great job to write code kotlin so anything other approach you to find and not implemented, I assumed.

Hello @art-coder ! Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

pushMatrix and popMatrix always need to be used in pairs and it’s easy to accidentally call one more times than the other. OPENRNDR provides a different approach which makes it impossible to make that mistake:

drawer.isolated {

Basically, you can replace a push/pop matrix pair by drawer.isolated { ... }, and it behaves like push and pop in p5js.

If you prefer to use the same approach like in Processing you can call pushTransforms() and popTransforms(). Or for more fine-grained methods, see pushStyle(), popStyle(), pushModel(), popModel(), pushView(), popView(), pushProjection(), popProjection(). The source code for these methods is found in Drawer.kt.

Thank you for your guide. I also have question about processing’s arc function I find in document to write about make arc through logical operation but it is always do write circle and logical operation? I can find arcTo oh, i forgot exact name of this method, but how to use them is not wrote in documentation. Most easy approach I can write processing’s arc method like draw is. I would like to know.

I’m afraid I don’t fully understand your question.

Does this example help you?

PS. Maybe www.deepl.com can help translating to and from English :slight_smile: