Synthesis Library for OPENRNDR


can anyone recommend a audio synthesis library for OpenRNDR?
I am programming audio-installations with visuals where a lot of data is exchanged between audio and video.

Hi @woodwindblues :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum!

I’ve heard people using either Minim | Compartmental or (both Java based). I found some examples by searching in GitHub.

Other options might be to communicate via OSC with SuperCollider, MaxMSP, CSound or similar.

It would be nice to see Kotlin some day in this list Systems interfacing with SC · supercollider/supercollider Wiki · GitHub . Maybe by porting or interfacing with ScalaCollider (scala is also a jvm language).

For live coding rythms there’s GitHub - pjagielski/punkt: Live coding music library/environment for Kotlin but I guess not what you need.

What kind of sound synthesis would you like to produce?

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I wonder if @Edwin has any thoughts on the feasibility of incorporating ScalaCollider into OPENRNDR projects?

Hi @discohead ! :slight_smile:

Here the thread in the SuperCollider forum where I was asking about this earlier:

ScalaCollider can be added to an OPENRNDR project by adding this one line


but the issue is that it’s not simple (or doable?) to explore a Scala binary API from Kotlin code / IntelliJ Idea.

I think we need to find someone who

  1. cares about sound synthesis
  2. knows Scala
  3. likes Kotlin so much that wants to do sound in it :slight_smile:

Here’s the source code of GitHub - Sciss/ScalaCollider: A Scala sound synthesis library based on SuperCollider. I have a copy of the SuperCollider book which contains technical details about the language / API which I can lend.

We can also start small, although I have no time currently: it’s possible to send OSC messages to the SuperCollider sound server to create synthesizers and control them. Maybe one could start with a simple sine wave…

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