Spout for OPENRNDR

Hi I took the Spout JNI and the library from Spout for Processing and made it work with OPENRNDR.
Spout is a tool that lets you easily transmit images/video to other applications.
I tested it just a few times and there is a lot of functionality from the processing library missing. But maybe its usefull for someone. You can send and receive images so the basics are working.
I had contacted @edwin a few months ago and I said I will send him the code. As I can’t join the Slack again for some reasons I will upload it here. :slight_smile:
Of course we can discuss about this and I will try to implement some of your feedback but I wont be able to properly maintain this library because of lack of time :confused:

Here is the link to the current GithubRepo: GitHub - 60pfennig/spout-for-OPENRNDR: Port of the Processing library of Spout for OPENRNDR

Even if it’s in a repository right now I’m not happy with the point its an own OPENRNDR project. What could be the possebilities to use this as a module which I can easily add to my projects? I have worked with Git Submodules in the past but the problem here is that we need also the java folder to add the JNI interface. So it would be difficult to use an submodule because of the folder structure.
Suggestions welcome :slight_smile:


Hi! Welcome to the forum and thank you for contributing! :slight_smile:

Since I use Linux I can’t try it, but it sounds very interesting. Have you considered adding it as an orx extension? GitHub - openrndr/orx: A growing library of assorted data structures, algorithms and utilities for OPENRNDR Since it is mean for the JVM (and not for JavaScript), it could be placed in the orx-jvm folder.

If it is contributed as orx extension then it could be made available in the openrndr-template by uncommenting one line, the same way as with all the other extensions. What do you think?

yes, of course would I also add it as orx extension. I’m just not sure if it has enought “quality” (testing, functionality), long term support and originality (I just wrote a wrapper, the license is GNU of the processing lib). If its fine anyway - lets go :slight_smile:

I think someone else should answer your last questions, although on first look the code looked good to me and it seems useful for Windows users to be able to transfer video between applications / frameworks. I hope I can do that soon myself with Pipewire in Linux :slight_smile:

Does this typo have any functional effect? spout-for-OPENRNDR/Spout.kt at master · 60pfennig/spout-for-OPENRNDR · GitHubwidht instead of width

Slack: you can’t log in into your existing account? Or you can’t create one?

Ah, no, this is just a typo. Sometimes I’m typing to fast… I will change it soon :slight_smile:
If I log in in Slack I dont get the OPENRNDR workspace listed in my workspaces (I already had access with this account). I also can’t rejoin because if I click on the link on the openrndr github page for the community inviter, I just get redirected to the “insert your workspace name here” slack page. If I insert openrndr there it just states that I don’t have access. :smiley: