Select GPU device

Hello! Is there a way to select the device that the .exe runs with? Currently, I’m running OpenRNDR directly from Intellij (still learning the ropes around Gradle, etc.) and it helpfully displays the follow message

INFO [main] o.o.i.g.ApplicationGLFWGL3      ↘ 3.4.0 Win32 WGL EGL OSMesa VisualC DLL
 INFO [main] o.o.i.g.ApplicationGLFWGL3      ↘ OpenGL vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
 INFO [main] o.o.i.g.ApplicationGLFWGL3      ↘ OpenGL renderer: AMD Radeon(TM) RX Vega 10 Graphics
 INFO [main] o.o.i.g.ApplicationGLFWGL3      ↘ OpenGL version: 4.5.13596 Core Profile Forward-Compatible Context 20.10.32 27.20.1032.2

My computer also has an Nvidia card and I’m wondering how to get OpenRndr to use that card instead of the AMD one.


Hi TSAO. There is currently no mechanism to select the GPU explicitly but you may have some success by setting the window position in the configure { } to a screen that is driven by the NVidia adapter.

Hi Edwin, thanks for the quick answer. Sadly my computer is a laptop and has only one screen. I’ve set Intellij to use the NVidia card in the graphics settings of Windows, but OpenRndr still runs with the default AMD card.

If you run on Windows you can try to set the preferred graphics adapter in the NVidia control panel.

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Oh, thanks! I set the java.exe to use the NVidia card and it works now. Thanks a bunch, Edwin!