New: next-version branch in openrndr-template

Hi! :slight_smile: Since today there is a next-version branch in the openrndr-template repo.

Why? As OPENRNDR and the ORX extensions are developed, sometimes an alpha version is released. You may want to use the latest version because it fixed some bug or because some new feature you can’t wait to try.

There are two ways to tray the most recent versions. One is to to clone the openrndr and orx repos and build them yourself. But if you are less adventurous, you can use an alpha release instead.

The next-version branch of the openrndr-template will accumulate the alpha releases until the next proper release happens. A safer way to live a bit more on the edge :slight_smile:

At the time of writing, the next-version branch adds 7 new orx extensions and uses the 0.4.3-alpha9 versions of openrndr and orx. Changelogs: openrndr and orx.

How to use next-version

Clone & play

git clone
cd openrndr-template/
git checkout next-version

Then have fun with the new features and orx’es :slight_smile:

Alternative: manually apply its changes to your own template

If you don’t want to clone the template again, you can manually apply these changes to your existing one.


Here an image created with one of the new orx extensions to add some color to this post: