Locations of created executable jars?

Im trying to build a jar of the openrndr-template using the given gradle tasks. When I execute “create a standalone executable for TemplateProgramKt” I can find the result of that in the build → distributions folder. But when I execute “create executable jar for TemplateProgramKt” I cannot find it at all, even when it builds successfully. Where does the command save the jar files?

The jar is placed into build/libs/ but I’m trying to figure out how to run it.

In my case the MANIFEST.MF file inside the jar file doesn’t contain a main class property, so java -jar openrndr-template-1.0.0.jar doesn’t start the program.

What I did in the past is to build the program in GitHub: tag a version locally, push the tag to the repo, then it produces 3 binaries which I can download.

The issue for not being able to run the jar is fixed in the next template release:

You can fix it locally by replacing jar with shadowJar in build.gradle.kts (figured out by Edwin, as usual :slight_smile: )

When running the jar file, if it uses images or other assets, make sure the data folder is next to it.