Combining isolatedWithTarget and compositor

Hey there, very new to openRNDR coming from a Processing world!

Most of my work with generative art is based in generating large scale work in still images, i do collections by the hundreds based on seed numbers. So i prefer not to have a display window. because it seems to be very taxing.

i use, isolatedWithTarget (and renderTarget) and directly saveTofile(file("./img $seed . jpg"))

it’s been working out

Now i wanted to try to use compositor with my main interest being blend modes and maybe some filters like blur.

But i don’t know how to put them together or know how to think about this problem. would the composite be made inside the buffer or does the buffer somehow get the composite.

I have a lot of experience with processing but i don’t think i’m good enough of a programmer.

thanks a lot in advance

if anybody from the future is wondering i eventually came up with this.
At this point i have no idea if this is the most effective way of doing it.

    var renTar = renderTarget(someWidth, someHeight){

   var seed = 0

    val composite = compose{
         draw{ //draw things }
         layer{ // draw other things }

  drawer.isolatedWithTarget(renTar) {
     ortho(renTar) // dont forget this like i did

     // draw the composite on the render target


            // control the loop

            seed += 1
            if (seed > 3) {