Screenshots without GUI

Hi hello, I wonder if there is a way to take screenshots (using org.openrndr.extensions Screenshots extension) that do not contain the UI added through org.openrndr.panel.ControlManager.

I thought I would use beforeScreenshot and afterScreenshot events to remove the UI and add it back after the screenshot is taken but don’t think it’s possible to remove the UI once it has been drawn.

I guess I could reimplement the screenshot functionality myself and only save the contents of my custom render target to a file, but that seems like a lot of work to match the same features of the Screenshots extension.

Did I miss anything or is this not supported?

Hi hi :slight_smile: I think it’s based on order.

If you extend(Screenshots()) after extend(ControlManager()) it should not be visible in the resulting image. Is that the case?

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You are right @abe, it is the case! Thank you :slight_smile: